Inworld (Second Life) Prices

  • Single person picture : 2000L
  • Couples : 3000L
  • Fantasy pictures (means avi’s like full dragons , full werewolves..anything BIG not human looking) : 3500L


Small Rules/Personal Preferences

  1. 1000L are asked BEFORE I start with your picture..the rest payed directly after.
  2. I like you to prepare an outfit BEFORE we meet for the raw snapshots. This way the shoot goes smoother and more fluid.
  3. Prepare a theme in your head or some scene you would like on your picture, it just makes it all much more easy for me to work and understand your style and wishes better. 
  4. You can bring a pose that you would like to see used on the picture but no guarantee I will agree.  For example : if a couple pose isn’t giving me the perfect angle to see both faces clear then I might decline it.

Eventually I go through these things automatically when I meet or chat with you , most important thing is to have fun and offer you a high quality and picture that match YOU and not me.


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