Second Life

My pictures are made in the virtual world Second Life , the viewer can be freely downloaded and the reality in this world is only growing year by year.

We have photographers who make pictures inworld and then we have…me. I make my raw snapshots inworld but only from my avatar , the surroundings is a simple green screen what you can buy for free on Marketplace or build yourself inworld.

Of course I work with the settings , lights , shadows and try to get the picture taken in a healthy big size ( the bigger the better , the pixels will be smaller and the quality higher) and saved on my desktop.

Next step is simply opening the image in your photoshop and start to erase every single green pixel what might be a pain in the beginning but don’t worry , I will leave a nice tutorial for that further in my site.

Because I’ve learned photoshop myself do I draw a lot by hand..shadows , drool , blood , hair , tears..many of it is done bit by bit and manually what makes it hard to share but I can advise you to buy a a Bamboo Tablet if possible , it will help tons!

Eventually if you have the skills and time then layers , brushes and and fantasy have you build up your own world. Keep checking on more details , shadows , reflections , a breeze of how hair would move and where light will drop..details matter!

The Insane before after

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