Me , Second Life and my Phone



I wanted a new profile picture , one that mirrors not only me in SL but also me myself and I in real life. I use daily my phone to log on Second Life , to check Flickr but…yes mostly Second Life and yes , I dare to give one a ‘What they hell are you looking at?’ glare when people ask me what the hell i’m always doing on my phone because i’ve got all my attention fully focused on my flashy lovely orange phone ( Yes I’ve got a flashy lovely orange phone šŸ˜€ ).
Grateful I am to have Lumiya that I can’t only log on SL when the pc isn’t available but also that it makes it possible for me to be with my friends , chat with them and even roleplay with them.
Most of all I thank my friends to have such a patience when i’m the phone user (because it’s not always that easy to type on a ‘little’ phone you know?)
Anyway! A SL picture that mirrors me myself and …my phone…in real šŸ™‚

**Orange phones RULE !!!** šŸ˜›

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