Tips , sites and tutorials !

First thing I suggest is : Make a COPY of your original picture and save your progress now and then to make sure you won’t loose any work! If you use files or background online , make sure you have the right to use it.

Photoshop is all about puzzling with layers , layers and layers! If you know how to use layers then a small editing can be a big change for example making use of Blending Layers. It’s very simple and today I still explore with my blending what feels and looks best on my picture.

If you want (for example) fog on your picture then you can use a brush or you can search for a .png layer! Internet has everything you need when it comes to layers. Go to Google images and simply search for : png fog.

This will offer you normally a whole bunch of layers that you can save on your computer. Go to photoshop , open it and drag the PNG layer towards the other open file that’s the picture you’re working on. You will see that photoshop will have your fog png file popping up on your picture and just continue your work. Simple and effective!

Brushes is another option , it’s more easy but I find it less realistic.. Brushes aren’t hard to find on the internet and I happily share a site that will get you a whole bunch of free brushes that are easy to download!

Links for free Brushes :

Brusheezy   – BrushLovers – Brushking 

How to install your new Brushes? Make sure Photoshop is fully closed first and this link might help you with that question!

Youtube tutorial : install brushes

Deviantart is perfect when you need to build on your digital world. If you need flowers then you can use Google again : png flowers  – flowers layer PS – etc. OR you can create a profile on deviantart and search there what creators have to offer. However on this site you make sure that you have the permission of the creator or credit him/her at your description when you upload your work at the end!

Backgrounds can be found on deviantart , google or sites like Freepik ( once more , check the Rights on items you use!)

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