My Creeps

Who knows me from Flickr must have seen at least one of my Creeps. Behind each image is a story and a background , these creatures have a sad story , how horrifying they might look is their tale filled with grief , mourning , pain and horror.

Be aware that these creatures were once human and that their soul became a victim of a dark sinister Master. He lingers between the world of the living and the dead , searching for humans who’s soul is weak and easy to manipulate and destroy.

Slowly he comes near and it are only the chosen ones that survive his visit ..altho.. their survival is torture with no end. Their souls claimed by this dark Master , their identity stolen and turning into these beasts named Creeps. They become pets, hunters , working to please their Master and fulfill his wishes and desires for more souls , more screams and more blood.

Sadly are Creeps build to feed , their hunger has no end and their hunger is causing severe mental pain..they badly wish to die , to be free from this madness hunger , to no longer feel the warmth of blood on their hands because even if they feed with fresh flesh , claim a soul and offer this to their Master is their hunger never ending , their pain has no rest .. they aren’t the chosen ones but the doomed ones , doomed to live and serve.

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