About me


My name is Adra Braeden and I’ve been working and playing in Second Life since February 2007 but first explored digital art and photography in May 2015 when a friend of mine suggested to join blogging many roleplay outfits. It began with experimenting , a personal search for tutorials and what style would become mine.
I’ve gained attention for my dark, action-oriented pictures, photoshop wizardry but my highest aim is to suggest a story with my pictures and I praise Photoshop for its ability to unshackle the photographer from the limits of the real and the available.

“I don’t focus much on SL locations”. With photoshop , I can set my photostories in any location, in any setting. I can ignite my characters with magical luminous power, express their pain with twisted demonic forms, or send them flying through foggy alien warzones. One of the most known faces that are used by me is the demonic image that I calls ‘Creeps’.
I try to encourage other residents to follow their dreams and fantasy in SecondLife , to believe in their skills with photography and take opportunities to learn new skills and explore new hobbies. A real Belgian, he is a devoted cat-daddy, kid-daddy, mack-daddy and digital artist.

My pictures are me. They’re inspired by my writing in role-play and by the emotions I feel offline and online. They hold the BANG of inspiration I get from music and the slow joy of puzzling over each little detail of scene and character. In real life and second life, people might never see every side of me through conversation, but in my art, they’ll see what I love.



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